Walks and prices

Your Bruges

Private walks

Walks and prices

There are three possible walks.

Taylor-made walks on request, prices may vary.

Click on the desired walk for more information.

When finding the walk of your choice, make the reservation by clicking the 'Booking' button.

On several moments I had the pleasure to show young students the city. Budgets are often limited, so contact me for more information.

The Classic walk

2 Hrs - €100

The Sights Walk

3 Hrs - €150

The Long Walk

4 Hrs - €200

After having a few reservations, but left standing due to no one showed up, is most regretful, but also no fun... 

With this happening, made me think and make a decision. When not showing up for a reservation, Your Bruges can enforce a full payment.

You took a walk already but want to know more? Possible from now on!

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