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Your Bruges


If at any moment there is something I need to tell, this is the place where I'll write it.

Attention !!!!

On August 26th, 2019 Andy will leave for 5 years, going to live in Strassbourg (France). He won't be able to bring walks from that moment. Only on rare occasions he will be back in Belgium.
However, our other guides will bring walks in the same spirit Andy started this years ago. They are trained by him, so the quality of the walks is high. 

Don't hesitate to book a walk with us.

!!! New @ Your Bruges !!!

You’d like to have a walk with a larger group? But still have your very own private guide? And you’re afraid not everyone will hear what stories I have? No problem from now on!

Because now there's a “tour guide system”, capable of 

equipping 60 people with an earphone

so everyone will hear every story told, every word said, every breath taken…

No more excuses now! But, I’ve made the promise I’m not the “typical umbrella-holding-up-high” tour guide and that’s one I’m keeping. So no umbrella (except if it’s raining of course).

Yes, yes, yes ! I told so many people that I was writing a book and finally, after a little over a year I'm finished. Proud of the result. You can order the book on Amazon, available in ebook or paperback.

Visiting Bruges for the first time, returning to Bruges or eager to learn more after your visit? All of the previous reasons are good to get your copy today.
Click the "Get the book" for a direct link to order.