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If at any moment there is something I need to tell, this is the place where I'll write it.

Bruges and beer !!!!

Doing a walk gets your very, very thirsty !!! That's why now you can have a walk with a beer tasting! Not with just anyone, but with a real zynthologist. Taste 4 delicious beers at the Bruges Beer Experience and get a professional explanation what you're having. Having the taste after the walk, then make sure you're finished with the walk around 5pm. Or maybe having a drink/taste before the walk? Also possible!

For more information, contact us !

!!! New @ Your Bruges !!!

You’d like to have a walk with a larger group? But still have your very own private guide? And you’re afraid not everyone will hear what stories I have? No problem from now on!

Because now there's a “tour guide system”, capable of 

equipping 30 people with an earphone

so everyone will hear every story told, every word said, every breath taken…

No more excuses now! But, I’ve made the promise I’m not the “typical umbrella-holding-up-high” tour guide and that’s one I’m keeping. So no umbrella (except if it’s raining of course).