Whisper system

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Earphones and transmitter for larger groups !

Also possible to rent for guides !

Whisper system

Ever had a big group, but no voice strong enough to make sure everyone can hear your stories?

A "whisper" system is the solution for your problem!

With up to 60 (!) receivers and 4 transmitters you have everyone hearing your stories, jokes and knowledge.

Maximum 60 receivers with 9 different channels possible. Should there be anyone else on that same frequency, it's only a simple push to adjust.

All with a comfortable, wide yellow lanyard. Easy to spot everyone in the group.

Easy-to-fix earphones. Fits over 99% of the ears, even when wearing glasses.

Every receiver comes in a pouch, with lanyard and earphone in it. Easy to hand out to your guests.

Transmitter with a clamp-on microphone.

Of course a lanyard comes with the transmitter.

Up to 4 transmitters, all possible on the same channel. Or maybe different channels of different stories?

Possible to rent now !

Look like a pro and handle that big group!

It's no fun when you get feedback from your guests who tell you they could only hear a part of your stories...

So make sure they hear every word, every breath you take. Even that guest way in the back! And you look like a real pro!

With the lanyard in bright yellow, your guests are very recogizable in a crowd. 

When activated the receivers light up along the edges.

With the yellow lanyard, you're also more visible.

Easy clip-on microphone which gives great quality sound to the earphones.

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